Archetype solutions

Here are my answers to the Archetype puzzle I presented last week. If you haven’t seen it yet, go read that first. This entire post is a spoiler.

Oh, and feel free to quibble with my answers in the comments.

1. Red and blue balls in an urn

Probability, combinatorics

2. Galapagos finches

Evolution, allopatric speciation or adaptive radiation

3. Alice, Bob, and Eve

Cryptography, eavesdropping

4. A spherical cow

Theoretical physics, simplifying approximation

5. Lynx and snowshoe hare

Community ecology, predator-prey dynamics

6. Brain-in-a-vat

Epistemology (Philosophy is acceptable, too), solipsism

7. “Hello, world!”

Computer science, programming

8. The monkey and the hunter

Newtonian physics, gravity

9. The babysitting cooperative

Macroeconomics, the paradox of thrift

Bonus (2 points): What follows? Up, up, down, down

left, right, left, right, B, A  (you may also include ‘select, start’ or just ‘start’ at the end)

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